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Help us put SA on the map, in a good way.

Due to uncertain times, we thought it might be less scary in a community. We decided to move from an only grocery to a full blown community marketplace.

Imagine if you are a teacher and you can sell extra math courses? How about you can do a virtual seating with one of your students? Not enough? how about a virtual classroom?

Imagine shopping in VR? Imagine creating a tool for people less fortunate, to get access to a virtual world? Where they can research, learn and grow?

Imagine a full grocery store? Fully vegan and accessible, cheap delivery, mega deals, and huge customer interaction.

This is just a fraction of the goals we would love to achieve.  With help as a sole investor or long-life customer, we can achieve new heights, help rebuild this economy and change the way we eat, communicate, shop & social.

Are you interested in logistics? VR Technology? Retail? Property? Gaming? Music? Entertainment? or you want to open a physical store? Let us have a chat.

Help us achieve a set goal and get a Customer Lifetime Package. 

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