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We are working on new ways daily to get our own network setup. We launched Fast Shopping in Benoni to see how fast the service can be.

For Cape Town and Durban deliveries, please note some items we can’t send to you, this includes the ice creams and other desserts, fresh fruits and veggies.

We are busy looking at depots in Cape Town.

Please give us 2-3 days for delivery. This gives us enough time to accomodate should any challenge comes our way.

We appreciate your patience with us. If you believe in what we do please email us info@pbcompany.co.za regarding investment options or crowdfunding.

 If you have any suggestions on how we can improve this service please let us know.




We have launched a new service where you can get selected bundles delivered to you fast. This is still in testing phase and we aim to eventually expand this service nationwide. For now the service is limited to Benoni & Boksburg.


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