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Community Projects

Get investment, Donate, Create, Join the Team

With the economy in trouble, we want to get serious South Africans together to create new jobs, ideas and opportunities. If you see an opportunity in this concept, have spare time or know someone keen to invest, chat to us. 


Invest / Donate

If you like one of our projects, you can scout for investment or donate if possible. With the investment we can get the job done quicker. Use our platform to attract and we will run ads all over social media.


If you can’t donate, invest your creativity. Help us create a demo to pull investors. Get funded when we get investment and decide to reinvest, hire staff or save. Let your talents shine and learn new skills along the way.

Join the team

Should the project get investment, you will take over the project and work with us to create something truly wonderful. We can change lives by growing our community and talent. Work with us on future projects.

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PBCompany App

A easy and quick shopping experience.

Project Overview

We would like to create an app for our platform.



create a basic app for our online platform.  Basic chat functionalities for drivers, customer service, shop area.


Project Mission

Create jobs, create a mobile app for the platform to make shopping easier.



To be suggested by the successful candidate



Create jobs that can be done virtually.

If successful run the app with share ideas with the Director. 

Become the head of the app department & possible future projects

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